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Accounting Business Center, Inc. offers the following services:
Income Tax Returns

Let us prepare your income tax returns. We can prepare all of your returns: both Federal and State for your business ventures as well as your personal returns.  We give you fast and accurate returns at a reasonable rate. Let us help you keep what you can legally instead of giving it to the I.R.S.

Corporate Business Plans

"A failure to plan is a plan to fail." Every well-managed business will have a corporate business plan that takes into consideration the overall direction of the company over the next several years. This plan provides an executive summary of your management, looks at your marketing techniques, projects your income, expenses and cash flow over an extended period of time, and evaluates your competitive position in the market place. A good plan makes financing your business much easier.

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Turnaround Analysis
If your company is struggling, we will analyze what is happening that is  causing the problems.  We will make recommendations to help you succeed.  If you are a banker and have a customer who is struggling and risking defaulting on his loan with you, let us help your customer. This makes it a "win-win" situation, as it may save your loan and may help your customer turn things around. The customer's success is our success.
Profit Maximization
Are you satisfied with the financial results of your operation? Do you need help identifying opportunities for cost reduction and/or increased sales? We can help you. Hire us as your "Part-time CFO's." We offer you over 50 years of financial and management experience. You know your business. We know finance. Together, we can make a great team.
General Accounting
These services include (but are not limited to) accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, general ledger, financial reports, bank reconciliation, taxes, etc.

Free Referrals

Free referrals to fully licensed experts in their field for:

  1. Personal financial services and planning
  2. Taking control of your Accounts Receivable - having it work for you
  3. Properly protecting your family or your business for future financial goals
  4. Opportunity to become self-employed with a substantial income potential 


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